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Histroy of Tandoor

Tandoor cuisine was basically introduced in India by the Arabs. Tandoors are actually earthen ovens and they are made up of mud plaster. Many historical signs and evidences prove that these earthen ovens have been found in the settlements of Harappa. However in India, tandoor ovens were introduced in the interiors of Mot Mahal Restaurant by Kundan lal Gujral. This grand and exclusive five star restaurant is known for introducing tandoor ovens and delicious tandoor dishes. As the time passed by, tandoor ovens started gaining an immense popularity in the market and slowly, they became an essential part of every commercial kitchen area.

Moti Mahal Restaurant made the delicious and impeccable tandoor dishes available to the common man. Many national leaders and popular celebrities have visited Moti Mahal Restaurant and enjoyed exclusive taste of tandoor dishes and recipes. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Zakir Hussain have also enjoyed the traditional tandoor cuisine of this restaurant. It is a fact that no commercial kitchen is complete without the addition of tandoor ovens and this earthen oven traces its origin from the kitchens of Moti Mahal restaurant. Today, Tandoori dishes and recipes are one of the most commonly served food items in Northern India.